Sándor is a composer focused on music for media, working out of his little studio in the heart of Switzerland.

My passion for music started at the age of 7 when I began to play the violin. Later I discovered the double bass and chose it as my main instrument.

Among others I am a member of the Neuchâtel Symphonic Ensemble and the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra, with which I regularly perform live film music to projection. With the latter orchestra highlights include the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Indiana Jones, Star Trek or the Pirates of the Caribbean in world renown concert venues, like the Royal Albert Hall or KKL Lucerne.
My admiration for the interaction between music and picture, led me to turn my interest to composing for films.

I recently won the SABAM Best Young International Composer Award of the 2016 World Soundtrack Awards, which besides of being a great honor, it is also an affirmation to keep on doing what I like the most, composing.


WIR WAREN HELDEN // 2 x 36min, Documentary TV Series, CH
Production: Jan Poldervaart & Bernard Weber
for SRF (Swiss Radio and Television)
TÚLÉLVE BOLÍVIÁT // 51min, Documentary, HU
Director: Csaba Lukács


Best Young International Composer


WALTZ ON MARS for brass septet
Music commissioned by the Lucerne Brass Ensemble